Book Review: Taken (Quest for Truth #1) by Brock D. Eastman

Posted March 12, 2017 by lomeraniel in Adventure, Audiobooks, Kids, Review, Science-Fiction, Young Adult / 0 Comments

Overal Rating: four-stars

I was offered a copy of this book in audio format from the narrator in exchange for an honest review.

Seventeen-year-old Oliver just came back from his first year at the Academy and he is getting ready for a trip with his parents and siblings. Everything is ready at the ship but their parents are missing. Oliver decides to go home to see if their parents are there, and discovers that they were taken by the Übel renegades. Oliver’s parents are archaeologists, and their main mission is searching for Earth sprung, but their work is more important to some than Oliver thought. The four siblings will go on a dangerous mission to try to find and rescue their parents.

The beginning of this book made me think of a science-fiction Indiana Jones adventure for young readers, even though I am sure adults will enjoy it too. It is an action packed book in which the characters’ ages range from eleven to seventeen, and there is not a moment of boredom.

It could perfectly be a five star book but it is a shame that none of the many questions is answered. It is not only that it ends on a major cliffhanger, but I have the feeling that it is part of a longer book. There are a lot of hints here and there and I am sure there is a great story behind it, but this book just merely skims the surface. It really leaves you wanting to continue reading just because it feels it ends in the middle of the story. I understand it is just the first book of a series, but I think it is necessary to give at least a conclusion at the end of each book to avoid frustrating the reader.

There is something I listened to in the book that I did not like, and it was about evolution, meaning that the characters did not believe in it. I do not know how the story will turn out in future books, but this point worries me since evolution is a fact.

L.C. Kane did a very good job narrating this story and transmitting the character’s emotions. She made the story work perfectly well. I found an editing issue though; around 15:36 there is a small gap in the audio. It does not impair the story but it is a pity when this happens.

I would like to continue the series though, since I think the subject is extremely interesting and we are bound to an exciting ride.

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