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Review Policy

I only review audiobooks. I love reading (paper and Kindle), but I do not have the time nowadays to sit down and read a book.

I commit to publish a honest and unbiased review. This is NOT a promotional service. If you want a promotional service please send me an email.

Reviews will be crossposted to the following sites:

They will also be shared in social media (Twitter and Facebook).

Accepted formats:

  1. Audible.com
  2. MP3


I usually prefer Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Cozy Mysteries, and Horror, but I will accept other genres if I think the book is interesting. Normally I will not accept Romance or Christian Romance audiobooks. I also try to limit the collections of short stories that I review since they are more difficult to review and rate due to the fact that they are several stories in one book and the quality and subjects may vary. I also find it difficult to get invested in short stories.

Time frame:

Due to many changes in my life, right now I cannot guarantee a timeframe for a review to be published. If you are in a hurry, you may be interested in purchasing an Expedit Review (30 USD for novellas up to 8 hours or 45 USD for longer audiobooks) which will guarantee an honest and unbiased review in up to 2 weeks.

Upon submitting a review request you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the above terms. Should you have any questions about this policy please e-mail me, otherwise you can proceed to the review submission form.