Book Review: Rebels (Reverians #2) by Sarah Noffke

Posted February 17, 2016 by lomeraniel in Audiobooks, Fantasy, Review, Uncategorized / 0 Comments

I was offered a copy of this book in audio format from the author in exchange for an honest review.

In the previous book, Defects, we left Em and Rogue after they escaped from Austin Valley and the dangers there. But things could not be left at that, since Rogue is suffering from debilitating headaches from the injections he received, and many innocent people, among them, Nona, Em’s sister, will be deprived by the government from what it makes them dream travelers. Em is a rebel, and she cannot leave things like they are.

We encounter again a beautifully written book, paired with the sweet narration of Elizabeth Klett. It is like they were made for each other. I enjoy how the stories are intertwined together, making the narration flow and keep your attention at all times. The characters are very well developed and alive, making one care for them, and suffer when they suffer. We learn some terrible truths in this book, which make the story even more crude than it looked in Defects.

This book feels like it is a transition between the exposition of the conflict in Defects and what will be the resolution in Warriors, and in a way it had me expecting for more to happen. Em, Zach, Rogue and Nona set the wheels in motion to get revenge and justice but there is still a lot to do until they get the government down. Some of the reactions of the characters seem a bit forced and I am sure we will see the relationships evolve in the next book.

I just can’t get enough of it, Sarah Noffke has me hooked to this story, and I do hope Warriors lives up to the expectations these first two novels have set. I am impatient to read more!