Book Review: Defects by Sarah Noffke

Posted February 7, 2016 by lomeraniel in Audiobooks, Fantasy, Review, Urban Fantasy / 0 Comments

I have received a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

In the quiet area of Austin Valley a high class society called the Dream Travelers lives comfortably. They are gifted with various abilities, being dream traveling the basic and common one. When reaching puberty new abilities show in each person, except for the defects, who feel left behind by the gods and suffer every day painful injections hoping to receive their gifts one day.

Em is one of this defects, and the main character of this story. She will soon discover the truth behind the injections she daily receives, and what defects really are, and together with her friends they will try to make the accommodated society of Austin Valley tumble.

I did not expect anything before reading this book since I think I have not ready anything similar. From the start I got caught in the story thanks to the well depicted characters and the beautiful descriptions. One could almost feel being a part of that little group of friends, suffered whenever they did and rejoiced when thing went as expected. The book is narrated in first person, and we discover new aspects of the truth along with Em. The autor does an excellent job in keeping us hooked to the story, and revealing things slowly to keep us interested until the very end.

The narration was also done beautifully. I tend to prefer male narrators, but Elizabeth Klett’s voice and tone was perfect for the story. She changed her tone to perform male voices without sounding annoying like other female narrators. The sound edition was also correct, and I did not notice any changes or breaks like it sometimes happens with some audiobooks.

I would definitely recommend this book to any person who likes fantasy and enjoys a well written book.

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