Book Review: Suspended

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The Vagabond circus is one of the best in the world, because it is entirely composed by Dream Travelers. The spectacle is like no one seen before. But one day a new boy gets accepted to join the circus by the ring master. He has a unique talent, but trouble seems to surround young Finley wherever he goes.

First let me tell you that I usually avoid YA, unless it is written by Sarah Noffke. My teenage years seem far gone, and I have troubles connecting to teenage characters. This does not happen with Noffke’s. She creates amazing tridimensional characters, which feel alive, with real motivations, and realistic reactions.

I have read the other two series about Dream Travelers, and I was curious about this one, since the set is so different from the others. I do not remember the last time I went to the circus, and I do not remember enjoying it especially, but I knew that Sarah would convince me that the Vagabond Circus is a great show. Apart from great characters, she builds the story in a way which keeps the reader interested, because there are a couple of twists that are totally unexpected.

Sarah Noffke writes YA books, but what I like from them is that, even when there is always a love story, there is also much more going on. The characters are usually troubled young adults with which just cannot leave you indifferent. Sarah writes great stories, but the key point is the characters she creates.

The book is narrated by Steve Barnes. I had the pleasure of listening to him narrating other books this year. His husky voice can feel a bit strange at first, but I find his tone rather soothing, and his character impersonations are quite distinctive, which helps to keep track of the story.

I started the book with high expectations, and they were duly fulfilled. If you either have enjoyed other books by Sarah Noffke, or if you would like to listen to fantasy books with a different twist, I strongly recommend this book. And if you have never listened to any of Noffke’s books I do not know what you are waiting for!

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