Book Review: LOL from A to Z (The Vocab Book Series #1) by Amanda Terman

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Book Review: LOL from A to Z (The Vocab Book Series #1) by Amanda TermanLOL from A to Z (The Vocab Book Series 1) by Amanda Terman
Narrator: Amanda Terman
Series: The Vocab Book Series #1
Published by Amanda Terman on 03-27-17
Genres: Educational
Length: 38 mins
Format: Audiobook
Source: Author, Narrator
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Overal Rating: four-stars

If you're the type of person who likes memorizing dry dictionary definitions, find a different book!

But if you want to laugh while you learn new words, LOL from A to Z will show you how. Featuring entertaining examples you'll easily remember, the first installment of The Vocab Book series presents simple definitions of twenty six advanced vocabulary words ranging from "abasement" to "zeal," with a little "morass" in between.

Whether you're a college student who needs to take your graduate school admissions exam, or a professional who enjoys reading the newspaper on the daily commuter train, this book will teach you the words you need to know!

I received a free copy of this book in audio format from the author and narrator in exchange for an honest review.

This book presents twenty six unusual words with the intention of increasing our vocabulary. The word is mentioned at the beginning of each chapter, followed by a short definition and a short story, usually humorous, in which we are shown how the word is used. At the end of the chapter the word is repeated again to help remembering.

In my love for language learning new words is one of my favorite things. This book succeeds in this task without being boring. The fact that Terman uses funny short stories in which the word is used really helps to remember and a very important fact, how to use it. Sometimes just a definition is not enough, and we need to see the word in a certain context.

At the end of a group of words there is a quiz, which helps to consolidate the knowledge.

There was something that I found strange. The definition given for ‘pusillanimous’ was ‘cowardly’. Anytime we give a synonym of a word, the word class should be the same. ‘Pusillanimous’ is an adjective, so its definition should be ‘coward’. ‘Cowardly’ would be a synonym for ‘pusillanimously’.

Even though I found the book great I missed the spelling of these words. This is something that could be found in the kindle version, which in turn will miss the pronunciation. I think just spelling the word on the audio version would have been of great help.

Amanda Terman did a great job at narrating this book and give the right inflections to the definitions and stories. I noticed some mouth noises at some point, but barely audible. ‘Lol from A to Z’ has been more enjoyable thanks to her narration.

If you enjoyed this book, you can read more about it, and find more unusual words together with some funny pics, on

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Overall: four-stars