Book Review: Chrono Virus

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In the year 2405, the Raven, a spaceship with a small crew of three people, suffers an abnormal shake followed by a purple cloud which causes strange dreams to the crew, where they seem to travel with their minds to an important event in their past, with a different outcome to the original one.

This is a short story, the audiobook is just over one hour, and it could have been Star Trek or even a Doctor Who episode. Aaron Crocco builds up the the suspense and the horror, keeping your attention, until the inevitable end.

The characters are well built, and even though the book is very short, they have some depth and their actions and words are believable. In just over an hour, Aaron got to make these three characters alive.

I like when science fiction makes you think without the need of spectacular special effects, like in this case, and this novel makes you think about what one’s life would have been  just if the outcome of an event would have been a different one.

The audio production is correct but I have noticed some slight audio changes and a bit reverberation that I am not used to. Osian Edwards was able to catch the right emotions for every character and situation in the book. Even though Aaron Crocco is American, the narrator of this story is British. I just wanted to let you know, just in case this bit of information is important to you or you may have issues with different accents, although I have to say that Osian’s speech is very clear.

I finally gave the book just four stars because the story is quite short and this could have made a very good longer book where more ramifications could have been contemplated and explored. This was a very interesting idea and I just wanted more of it.

If you enjoy this book, know that for a limited time, you can get a free copy of its tie-in story: Chrono Virus: Fall of the Horizon from Aaron Crocco’s web site.