Book Review: Ambryn & The Cheaters of Death

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Tesser is visiting Norway with his family, when he receives a call from Sin City reporting the case of a bus full with dead bodies completely drain of blood. Tesser visit to Norway is not just for pleasure since it is a diplomatic visit to the Troll Nation, so he sends Ambryn, his brother and dragon of death, back to the US to investigate with Agent Spooner the cause of this mysterious deaths.

This book is the second in the Reemergence series, but it could be read by itself, since the story is a completely new one with no relation to the previous book, and the only elements from book one are are just some characters. Philbrook’s characters are not quite plain, so reading the first book is not a strict requisite to enjoy this one. It also feels completely different since we barely see dragons (Ambryn keeps his human form most of the time), and what we see here are vampires. A lot.

This book is action packed, and there is not a moment for boredom or rest, but I felt something missing. It could be because I was expecting a book about dragons again, and what we got was a book about vampires, which I was never very fond of; or just because it felt quite different to the first book. In any case it was a good story and was well built, although the end was something that I did not expect.

James Foster narration was good again, although his vocal register is not very broad, and female characters sounded like the male ones. Since we have fewer ‘dragon moments’ than in the first book, his powerful voice felt a bit underused.

I enjoyed this book, and it is a very good story. If you are open to other things apart from dragons you will enjoy this one too.

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