Book Review: Unreal City

Posted December 4, 2016 by lomeraniel in Audiobooks, Dystopian, Review, Science-Fiction / 0 Comments

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Sarah’s twin sister died just a couple of months before the start of the classes. Sarah is heartbroken about it, and just does not know how to continue with her life. Part of it is because of how Lea died: drowned but far from any body of water. Sarah will meet an extraordinary creature which will show her the Unreal City in exchange for a price. She wonders if it is worth it and if she could find there the answers she needs.

This book got me hooked from the beginning. It is beautifully written with very detailed descriptions that made me feel I was there. The characters were also beautifully constructed, and the dialogs were realistic. It was a pleasure and I could have listened to it in one go if I had time.

We get an explanation of things and everything falls into place, but I could not help but think of a parallelism between the Unreal City and getting addicted to drugs. I guess the Unreal City worked in a way like a drug, giving false hope and access to a new world with a new perception, but taking something precious from you in return, and also changing your life out of it.

It was a simple story, reminding me sometimes of ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, but with much darker. If I had to define it I would say that it is something between dark fantasy and light horror.

I enjoyed Jessica McEvoy’s narration. She transmitted Sarah’s emotions like they were her own, and I could feel the despair she felt. She did a good job with accents too, although I had troubles with the Russian accent. It felt overdone and I had to focus to understand all the words.

I loved this book. It was a clever story told in a beautiful and dazzling way. I am glad that I decided to listen to it and get to know A.R. Meyering’s writing. I am looking forward to listening to her other books.

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