Book Review: The Economic Singularity: Artificial Intelligence and the Death of Capitalism by Calum Chace

Posted January 16, 2017 by lomeraniel in Audiobooks, Non-Fiction, Review / 0 Comments

In this book Calum Chace explains what many of us have been already thinking in the last years, and performs a deep analysis, explaining the options and giving several hypothesis based on how other singularities behaved in the past. With the growth of AI and the future technological advances, most of us will lose our jobs, and it is unknown how society and economy will evolve. Chace emphasizes that the future is unknown, but everything depends on how well we prepare for it. The basic measure would be a Universal Basic Income (UBI), ideal that will find many detractors accusing it of socialism. Only common sense will save us from a complete disaster.

This was a very dense book, with many references to articles and books. I found the tone quite optimistic, despite some negative examples. I really wish the UBI could be something that most of the people, and especially those with power and money, would support. There is something that was not mentioned in the book, and it is how this Technologic singularity will affect the third world. Chace mentions high, middle and even low classes, but he did not specify anything about people in absolute poverty. Will those countries also try to establish a UBI? It seems far fetched.

Despite being a very interesting topic, and due to its dense content, listening to this book could have been a harder task if it was not for the excellent narration performed by Joe Hempel. He kept a very encouraging tone throughout the book, like the most enthusiast of teachers. I really believe that these kinds of books really benefit from a well done narration, and this was ace.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is worried about the future due to machines taking our jobs, and also to those who live careless lives. I think this is a topic worth going over.

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