Book Review: Stunned (The Lucidites #2)

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I was offered a copy of this book in audio format from the author in exchange for an honest review.

After defeating Zhuang, Roya needs to stay at the Lucidites Institute for some more days. She feels more comfortable there than before, but she is still looking forward to having a normal life beside Bob and Steve. She is starting to count down the days when another Dream Travelers society menaces the security and well being of the Lucidites by kidnapping somebody crucial to the Institute. Roya will be needed once again and her dreams of an easy life will have to be put on hold. At the same time Joseph seems to be involved in something fishy, but we will not know more until the end, and this will create the gist for the next volume.

If Awoken did not completely fulfill my expectations, Stunned was a very pleasant surprise. Now I cannot say anymore that The Lucidites series is inferior to The Reverians, because this second book is stunningly good.

It may be that Roya’s character is better defined or a bit more mature, but I can understand her better and relate to her in a way I could not do it before. There are a lot of main characters in these series, which can make it harder at the beginning, but in this second book I feel that I know them better and can follow they actions and trains of thought. We also learn more about the Lucidites Institute, but there is still plenty of information that could be expanded.

These new enemies feel more scary than Zhuang, and the implications of their actions seem to have more impact on Roya’s daily life and probably in her future, which can still give more surprises for the next book.

Elizabeth Klett’s narration is amazing, as always. She can express emotions, can do voices, and has a clear speech. What else could we ask for from a narrator?

I would recommend these series to anyone who is into fantasy and science-fiction. It could be cataloged as young adult but any adult could enjoy these books, since romance is not the crucial part of the story.