Book Review: Revived (The Lucidites, #3)

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I have received a copy of this book in audio format from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Roya and Joseph find out that Trey is their real father, almost at the same time that Joseph discovers that his great project of bringing back who he though was their father has in fact strengthened Zhuang. In the meantime, Roya is still being visited in her dreams from time to time by Chase. They need to find a solution before Zhuang comes back and tries to destroy the Lucidites institute and everybody inside.

This is the third and final book of The Lucidites series. I enjoyed how it started, but I was not sure if this could live up to the Reverians. Now that I have finished it, I think this series is even superior to the other one. The book is beautifully written, and the characters have more and more depth, becoming alive with every sentence. Roya is not an annoying brat any more, and Joseph also has some surprises for us. The story of their family is finally revealed and we will know why they are so special.

This series has been a great read, I really liked the world Sarah Noffke has built, which is consistent, rich and full of details. It saddened me to finish it and say goodbye to the Lucidites institute and all their secrets, but I am sure I will revisit it one day.

Elizabeth Klett is impressive and glorious as always. I have already said it before, but she is one of the best narrators I have ever known. Not only does she have a very clear diction but she transmits the characters emotions. What she does cannot be called narration, it is in fact character interpretation and voice acting. The audio edition is immaculate, and the only breathing is the one that is needed for the acting.

These days these books were my happy place. Sarah Noffke’s writing paired with the voice and interpretation skills of Elizabeth Klett is something to be fully enjoyed. I will miss them.