Book Review: Red Lantern (A Short Story) by Alethea Kontis

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Book Review: Red Lantern (A Short Story) by Alethea KontisRed Lantern: A Short Story by Alethea Kontis
Published by Alethea Kontis on 08-23-17
Genres: Horror
Length: 33 mins
Format: Audiobook
Source: Narrator
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Overal Rating: three-half-stars

Jack Brown is an unhappy painter whose glass is always half-empty. He lives on the top floor of an apartment complex next to a perky, optimistic witch named Cassie and her troublesome cat. This Halloween, beneath a full moon, Jack stumbles onto a magic spell that brings him far more than he bargained for. Will his pride allow him to ask Cassie for help? And if so...will he manage to do it before he is doomed? Inspired by the Codex Writers Halloween contest, readers will enjoy this contemporary retelling of the Jack o' Lantern myth!

Jake is a painter who has lost his inspiration. His neighbor Cassie, a lively and optimistic girl, invites him to her Halloween party, but Jake is just sorry for himself to join the party and enjoy. He will fall then under a spell thinking that he just found his muse.

This is a retelling of the classic story about Jake and the lantern. The audiobook is just over 33 minutes long, so it makes for a quick listen. The characters are well pictured, and we get a clear image of them, despite the short length of the book.

I found the story interesting, and it kept my attention until the end. It is a very appropriate book for the season, and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to get in the mood for Halloween.

Michael Sanguinetti’s narration was good, delivering extraordinaire character’s interpretations and voices. There were some audio production issues though. Probably the original recording had some background noise, because the final track sound very heavy processed, with a strong noise reduction. There is clear artificial silence between many of the sentences, and there are words that appear clipped at the end, like ‘Ja(ck)’ around 29:41 and ‘thi(ck)’ around 32:26. It is a pity, since the narration is well done, but this is one of the issues when narrators begin their career. Investing in a recording booth and equipment is a good idea to avoid having these issues.

I received a copy of this book in audio format from the narrator in exchange for an honest review.
Story (Plot)
Overall: three-half-stars