Book Review: Progeny

Posted November 7, 2016 by lomeraniel in Audiobooks, Review, Science-Fiction / 0 Comments

Four laws of conformity:

  1. Continue making units.
  2. Protect the units already made.
  3. Expand the knowledgebase.
  4. Maintain variation in thought.

I am sure these four laws will remind many people of the three laws of robotics by Isaac Asimov, and this one too, is a book about robots. These four laws should justify all their actions and in cases where laws 3 and 4 may contradict laws 1 and 2, action should be stopped.

This almost prevents Helen from discovering a very important fact about their past. I was afraid that she was going to be forbidden to continue her investigation, like it happened to humanity during many times in history; but it seems although these laws are nor perfect, robots do not seem to commit as many mistakes as their makers. I enjoy that the goal of this story was discovering where they came from so that they could plan their future.

Finding out the truth as the same time as Helen is an amazing experience, and the end of the book leaves us wanting to know what happens next.

The narrator’s voice may seem monotone at first but it is justified when we realize the characters are robots.

I have listened to several of Jay Ray Perreault’s books and I like his style and the subjects he explores. I just hope there will be a conclusion to this and other short stories.

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