Book Review: Shatter Point

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Maggie’s son is recovering surprisingly well from a head trauma. Soon after this, Maggie gets kidnapped by a monster from her childhood. Maggie’s sons will try to get her back with the help of their aunt and a secret society called the ‘Fourteenth Colony’.

‘Shatter Point’ is a thriller set in a near future. People trying to get Maggie back will discover a conspiracy experimenting with human brains, perception and behavior. It is an action packed book that will have the listener speculating about possible outcomes. It was highly entertaining, although I expected more on the brain experiments and the investigation to reduce the provoked side effects. We are given though a story about a psychopath with too much money and power, and who is also behind more complex schemes. If you are into this sort of stories, this book will be for you. If you prefer a book around a science-fiction story, this book may not fulfill your expectations. There is a bit of sci-fi here, but very subtle, and the society and technological advances are not fully explained, but taken for granted, and one is expected to swallow some ‘techniques’ and facts that do not have a lot of fundament behind.

I think the story could have worked a bit better if it was going to be focused more on a couple of the several topics appearing in the book. Please also note that there is a book by the author titled ‘Fourteenth Colony’. Reading that one is not a requirement, but I think it would give us a background to be better prepared for ‘Shatter Point’.

There is a fair amount of characters in this story, due to the several storylines. This makes the book very dynamic, but it is easy to get lost and confused among so many characters. They are not fully developed and I was not able to connect to any of them.

Brian Rollins’ narration was correctly done, even though it is humanly impossible to have different voices for all the characters in the story. There was a detail that bothered me a bit though. At the beginning and end of the book there is some ambiance music which does not make a lot of sense and does not add anything to the story. I have seen this done in some other books, and it is something to be careful with, since sometimes, if the mix is not correctly done, the narration can be masked by the music. This is what happens here, especially at the end of the book.

I enjoyed this book, although I would have prefer more emphasis on the science-fiction and more focus on less storylines. It gets a bit confusing at times. If you are looking for a psychocological-thriller this book may be for you.

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