Book Review: Pyramid Lake

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Trevor Lennox, a very brilliant computer engineer working at the Top Secret research laboratory of DARPA, creates a very powerful computer, able to read micro expressions and discern whether people are telling the truth or not. Trevor is an antisocial and violent person, but his goal in life is to fight for the greater good, to create a world without lies, so that her seven year old daughter will be able to have a normal life despite her issues. Trevor names his computer Frankenstein, and it slowly becomes more and more powerful and smart. Things start to get complicated when several people appear dead in the most gruesome ways at the Top Research facility.

This book is full of geeky and highly technological details, delighting those who enjoy programming on their computer, but maybe boring those who are not interested in this. But do not be deceived, this book is also much more. It is a mix of science fiction, thriller and horror, with some elements of Indian lore. The story is quickly paced, and it has several unexpected twists that will leave you open-mouthed. Trevor is one of the less likable people in the world, reckless, rude, violent, and with a very high IQ, but as we start to know him more, we see that he has good reasons, while maybe not the right means to pursue his goals.

This is quite a long book, but it will not bore you, and I wished I did not have to sleep or work so that I could continue listening to it. Frankenstein’s name is not just a coincidence, this story has many parallelisms with Mary Shelley’s but it is also a different one.

Some secondary characters are one-dimensional but the main ones have strong personalities and they are alive. Gabriel Vaughan becomes each one of them making the story easily to follow. The emotions are palpable and the narration is fluid. Gabriel Vaughan does a good job at holding your attention without letting go. I noticed slight changes in a couple of audio inserts but nothing too distracting.

If you are into geek stuff, heard about terms such as Touring test or SSH, and enjoy an action packed book with science fiction and horror elements, this book is for you. If violent and gore scenes is not your thing, you may want to pass on this one.