Book Review: That Wasn’t Chicken (Until the Fat Ladies Sing #4) by Linda P. Kozar

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Book Review: That Wasn’t Chicken (Until the Fat Ladies Sing #4) by Linda P. KozarThat Wasn't Chicken (Until the Fat Ladies Sing #4) by Linda P. Kozar
Series: Until the Fat Ladies Sing #4
on September 8th 2014
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Overal Rating: four-half-stars

Murder, mystery meat and morning sickness! Hudson and Lovita are expecting and she’s having trouble keeping food down for the first time in her life. Her best friend, Sue Jan is busy juggling mommy-hood. And the Crown of Glory Beauty Salon and Boutique is busier than a one-toothed man in a corn-on-the-cob-eating contest. Things are great until a handsome law intern disappears after an argument with their top stylist’s once-upon-a-time wayward son. So Lovita and Sue Jan put down their forks and pick up the trail to solve the mystery before Jolene’s son has to trade in his chef’s uniform for prison stripes. But the super-sized sleuths soon discover something very unusual about a popular new barbecue restaurant in town. Does everything taste like chicken, or did they risk it eating brisket?

I have received a copy of this book in audio format from the narrator in exchange for an honest review.

Lovita is expecting her first child, while Sue Jan is the happy wife of the mayor of Wachita, and they have two beautiful children. Everything indicates that they should settle down, work on their Crown of Glory Beauty Salon and Boutique, and be happy. But this simple life is not enough for Lovita and Sue Jan, especially after the disappearance of one of Hudson’s interns after a fight with Zain, Jolene’s son and Sharla’s boyfriend. Jolene and Sharla work at the beauty salon, so in a way, this concerns Lovita and Sue Jan too. During their investigation, in which they appoint themselves as forensic females, they will discover that there is more to it than what they thought, also involving some meat from unknown origin at the barbecue restaurant where Zain used to work.

I really love this series. Lovita and Sue Jan always crack me up with their schemes and witty comments. Linda Kozar has created something great with vivid characters that make me laugh. There are some dark events happening in the book, but both women actions and words always keep me smiling and even laughing from time to time.

The intrigue is well built and there are several twists to the story. Lovita and Sue Jan always solve the mystery at hand, but I feel that the time I spend with them is even more important than the conclusion. They are very charismatic and unique characters, which will be missed after the book is finished.

I am grateful for having found this series of books. They are light and easy to listen, and their colorful characters will make the delights of everybody. I cannot imagine a best way to spend a lazy afternoon.

Michelle Babb’s abilities are astounding. Any book I listen narrated by her I feel that she was destined to interprete this or that character. She is a quite versatile narrator, with a wide range of voices for the different characters and able to transmit and amplify the humor with which the story is told. Lovita’s witty comments are just hilarious when told by Babb. She has become one of my favorite female narrators.

I will definitely continue with the rest of the books in the series, since it is impossible to get tired of Lovita and Sue Jan, especially since Michelle Babb narrates books five and six too.

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