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Swing at the Grand Place

Thanks to the Folklorissimo festival, we will be able to enjoy Swing tomorrow at the Grand Place. Swing It Brussels has gathered numerous swing dancers from all over Belgium for the events that will take place tomorrow. A very special one, organized by Easy-Swing, will be a flashmob at the Grand Place at 2pm.

If you want to participate in it, check the coreography on the following video. If you click on it and see it in Youtube, you'll see the several parts with explanations by Andy Spitz.

Swimming again

This week I am the assigner of the team. It's a task which everybody at work hates. The good thing is that we can work from home the whole week (instead of just Thursdays in my case), what saves a lot of time for me, time that I would be spending in the public transport. The other good point of this is that we work from 8 to 5, so I'm free relatively early to jump out to the coubled streets. Yesterday I decided to go shopping to Rue Neuve (a pedestrian street full of shops) but I got annoyed and stressed because at 18:20 they were already pushing us out of the shops. I've been here for almost five years and I haven't got used yet to the shops opening hours (I wonder who goes there, mainly students and retired people, I guess).

Yarn fight flashmob

We did it! The yarn fight flashmob finally took place last Saturday at La Grand Place of Brussles. Organized by the group Stitch 'n Bitch, the flashmob was a complete success. We rocked La Grand Place and we already have ideas for the next year. And in the meantime we'll knit, crochet and bitch a little bit. 


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