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This week I am the assigner of the team. It's a task which everybody at work hates. The good thing is that we can work from home the whole week (instead of just Thursdays in my case), what saves a lot of time for me, time that I would be spending in the public transport. The other good point of this is that we work from 8 to 5, so I'm free relatively early to jump out to the coubled streets. Yesterday I decided to go shopping to Rue Neuve (a pedestrian street full of shops) but I got annoyed and stressed because at 18:20 they were already pushing us out of the shops. I've been here for almost five years and I haven't got used yet to the shops opening hours (I wonder who goes there, mainly students and retired people, I guess).

Last weekend we've been at Center Parks Vossemeren, a tropical swimming pool as they call it here, and I realized how much I missed swimming. When we were living in Leuven I used to do it a couple of times per week, but since we move to Brussels I had to stop because here swimming pools close around 7 pm (again, who goes there?).

Today, as I finished at 5 and I was at home (not in Zaventem or trapped in a very slow bus) I decided to try a swimming pool of which I heard good comments: Poseidon. I don't know whether it was the time (I started swimming at 6 pm) but the place was not crowded (as I was expecting). I could easily swim without sticking any of my feet in somebody's mouth. The swimming cup was mandatory (yupy!) but not the sandals (as expected) and the showering after the swimming has to be done with the bathing suit on because it is a common area for everybody (men and women). It is something that I hate and I don't understand from the swimming pools here. Those showers, people trying to wash themselves under the swimming suit, the absence of sandals and the tini-tiny cabins to change clothes (how is it possible to go out clean?).

In average, the swimming pool was not bad, with the typical uncomfortable things of swimming pools in Belgium (I have to add theat they don't have hair-driers). It was a bit more expensive than I expected, but if I can find it with so few people every Thursday I won't mind so much.


June 2016


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