Rockabilly Day 2011

I wanted to write a post about this already some days ago, but the daily (and non-daily) tasks mercilessly pile up and it's difficult to find the moment to transfer pictures from the camera and then upload them to Flickr. If I don't do it now it will never happen so I won't delay it further.

The Rockabilly Day was one of the things I read about Belgium before coming, already 5 years ago. I'd read about chocolate, beer, comics, language differences, but nothing was as interesting to me as this great event. Since I'm here I've only miss one edition, and it was because abroad (I think it was Egypt that time). I remember my first time. I drove there with my recently bought tent without being very sure if I was going to be able to mount it (off course I was), and I could enjoy the rock bands and the nice atmosphear. Later on Koen joined me for next editions and the first time we went together we managed to put all our bagage in our small motorbike. Even that tent that I bought for my first Rockabilly day. I don't know how the motorbike could move with all those kilos.

Last year and this time we decided to come back home to sleep. Last year we had cold weather; this year Saturday was nice and hot, but a big storm was foreseen for the evening, so we decided that going back home was the safest option. It was, even though we had to drive under a pouring rain and falling branches on a dark highway (new Belgian policy to save energy).

This edition had its positive and negative aspects. The weather on Saturday was gorgeous, so I could even dare to wear a dress that was waiting in my closed for quite some time. Saturday was a bit colder and after the terrible storm the place was quite muddy, but that didn't differ from last year's. I have the impression that I've seen less bands than in other editions. There were three bands programmed for Saturday. The second band started playing three or four hours late (they counted with drums at the festival, but there were not) and finally they were not as good as the first we'd seen. We finally missed the third band and I ignore if they even played and what time.

There was a roller blade skates show that, to my oppinion, was not very much related to the 50's culture.

Sunday was less sunny, muddy and with the typical non-healthy food of the last day. The stands started to close early and old cars  and motorbikes departed soon. Even like that we managed to enjoy it, dance some songs and take some pictures.

More pictures in my Flickr.


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